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Contao Live Update ID

A Contao Live Update ID is required to use the automatic Live Update Service. When you buy a Live Update ID, you subscribe to the Live Update Service for one year. After this period of time, your subscription is being cancelled automatically if you do not renew it.

Domain licenses

Every Live Update ID includes a license for one domain and thus for one Contao installation. It does not matter how many domains you run under this installation (multi-domain mode).

Single installation with multiple domains

Let us assume that you have the domains, and, which are all running under the same Contao installation. In this case, you only need one domain license, because all domains are using the same system. However, make sure to always use the same domain to request a Live Update, because the Live Update Server counts each domain as new domain (once is registered, you cannot request updates from anymore).

Multiple client installations

If you e.g. as an agency are maintaining multiple client websites, you do not need a separate Live Update ID for each installation. You can upgrade your Live Update ID to support multiple domains and pass it to your customers. Make sure that your customers use the same domain each time they update, because the Live Update Server counts each domain as new domain.

Service description

The Contao Live Update Service includes the supply of an individual Contao update archive, which allows you to update your installation to the latest version. This service does not include the installation of this archive on your server, since this is done by Contao and we cannot influence this process!

Safe Mode Hack

You are obliged to check that Contao has sufficient permissions to modify files before you run the Live Update. If you are having troubles with file permissions, you can use the Contao Safe Mode Hack to execute file operations via FTP. Make sure that the update script is not aborted due to a too short "max_execution_time" or a too small "memory limit" (see php.ini).


We are not responsible for any kind of error or damage to your server once you have received the update archive, especially not any damage that is caused by insufficient file permissions or misconfigured servers. The Live Update Service does not include the installation process on your server (see service description).

Delivery within 24 to 72 hours

Adding or updating a Live Update ID requires manual processing which usually takes between 24 and 72 hours. Even if you pay instantly via PayPal, is currently not possible to process your order automatically!

from 9,90 EUR
incl. 19 % tax excl.

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