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Commercial Contao license

The LGPL is a great license for most users. It gives a lot of flexibility with what you can and cannot do with the code. Nevertheless, it does not work for all cases. The commercial license for Contao helps to get around the stickier points of the LGPL and make the system work for your individual project.

I have created this option because of the increasing number of requests that I have received. This license exclusion option basically allows you to remove the copyright notices throughout the codebase legally. The permission is valid for the lifetime of one (1) specific domain name to use with all future versions of Contao. Proceeds from this option help fund the further development of the project.

Do I need this license to use Contao in a commercial project?

Absolutely not! The terms of the LGPL allow you to use the software for any type of project. You are also allowed to customize it and change its look and feel. The only thing that you cannot do is to remove the copyright notices in the codebase (front end templates, back end login screen and all Contao files).

Most users will not care about these copyright notices, but there are the odd projects out there where the code has to belong to another business owner for whatever reason (contractual obligations, general fear of open source software, etc). This is a stopgap solution for those instances. Remember: This is an exception, not the rule! Make sure it's the right choice for your project's needs.

How much does a commercial license cost?

The cost is 499.- Euro including taxes for a lifetime on one (1) domain name. This includes unlimited sub-domains for the given domain and all future updates of Contao.

Do I get anything else included in the price?

No, you do not. The same rules apply as they do with the LGPL. There is still no warranty on the project and it does not include or guarantee any support. We will definitely not support any changes that have been made to the codebase after the removal of the license.

What you can do with this license exclusion

You can remove any copyright notice belonging to or pertaining to Leo Feyer, or Contao from the core system (all files outside the system/modules directory) and the following modules: backend, calendar, comments, development, faq, frontend, listing, news, newsletter, registration, rss_reader and tpl_editor. In addition, you can remove any branding or references to Contao and the LICENSE.txt file.

What you cannot do with this license exclusion

You are not allowed to remove any copyrights not belonging to or pertaining to Leo Feyer, or Contao. We do include code from other open source projects in Contao. Removal of their copyrights is strictly prohibited! In addition, you are not allowed to transfer this license to anyone (another domain or owner) or to remove any copyrights in a site with a domain name different than the authorized one.

from 499,00 EUR
incl. 19 % tax excl.

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This product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 24. April 2008.